Ever wondered why your child gets cavities frequently?? 

Most us would already know the answer, which is not maintaining  oral hygiene. But along with this crucial reason, there is one more culprit which is eating sweet and sticky food frequently. 
Well, we cannot completely stop children from having their favorite sweets. But there is another way out to prevent cavities especially in those children who have high risk of getting cavities i.e tooth sealants.

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are tooth colored thin material, which as their name suggests, seal the tooth. Hence, it prevents food accumulation and cavity formation in teeth.

Who can get sealants?

  • Children at high risk of cavities
  • Those with newly erupted milk and permanent molar teeth
  • Deep fissures in teeth 

What is the correct age to get sealants done?

What is the correct age to get sealants done?

The kids dental specialist will be the best person to guide you whether the child needs dental sealants.

Nevertheless dental sealants should be applied as soon as the new molars erupt in the oral cavity (Be it milk teeth or permanent teeth).

So sealants can be applied at the age of 3 years, 6 years and 12 years (after eruption of first and second molars)

Is dental sealant application painful?

Is dental sealant application painful?

The answer to this is – NO
It is not at all painful and very comfortable for the kid.
Also dental sealants do not require anesthesia to be given so hence kids get it done without any hesitation.
Visit the pediatric dentist to know all about dental sealants.

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