Clear Aligners For Kids? A Myth Or Reality Or The New Normal?

When we talk about getting braces done in today’s scenario, the first thing that comes in our mind is the clear plate thing which everybody is talking about calling them ALIGNERS. The basic reason of aligners getting an edge over preferences to braces is the esthetics, comfort, ease of use and being removable.

Most of the adults would prefer the virtually invisible aligners over braces and wires sticking to their teeth any day. However, one uncertainty regarding the invisalign/clear aligner technology which many of the parents ponder upon is – Can kids get invisalign treatment done? Read on to get your answers.

Can Kids Teeth Be Treated By Invisalign/clear Aligners?

Can Kids Teeth Be Treated By Invisalign/clear Aligners?

The answer to this is through a recent update in the world of clear aligners called Invis First. Yes, kids teeth alignment can be done starting from the age of 7 years through Invis First.

Why Should Kids Get Orthodontic Treatment Done At An Early Age?

Why Should Kids Get Orthodontic Treatment Done At An Early Age?

Getting the orthodontic/aligner treatment done at an early age starting from 7 years will prove to be extremely beneficial to the child. The primary reason being the advantage of growing jaws and arches (upper and lower). Furthermore few of the other reasons are-

  • Children nowadays are extremely particular about their appearance owing to the increasing dominance of social media and peer pressure. Since Invisalign First is virtually invisible it becomes a popular choice for kids
  • Removable appliance – These are custom made removable plates which can be easily worn and removed by the kids. So, the child can enjoy their favourite means even while getting their teeth aligned. Gone are the days of food restrictions of not having hard or sticky food while having braces in the mouth 
  • The arches are expanding at the age of 7-12 years in kids and as we all know new teeth also come at this age. So it makes it an ideal time to get orthodontic treatment  done as the alignment of newly erupted teeth is done under constant supervision of an expert
  • Maintenance of oral hygiene is easier in clear aligners than with bracesLess chances of cavities/gum diseases in clear aligners as compared to braces.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

The invisalign or clear aligners are made of smart track material which causes desired movement of teeth in gentle and hence in a pleasant manner. The amount of force applied on each tooth is decided through digital treatment planning by expert invisalign specialists.

Who All Can Get Invisalign First?

If your child has following issues, do consult the orthodontist-
  • Irregular/crooked teeth
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Forwardly placed teeth
  • Backwardly placed teeth
  • Abnormal bite

What All To Expect On Your First Consult/visit?

What All To Expect On Your First Consult/visit?

On the first visit, the orthodontist (braces/clear aligners specialist) and the pediatric dentist will do a thorough checkup of your child to assess the current alignment and bite. 
Through digital scanner, a quick comfortable scan of the child teeth will be done and current images/photographs will be taken for clinical records and to formulate the pre and post treatment plan through a software so that the parents can see the post-operative change virtually.

Every one of us is opting for the latest technology and gadgets when it comes to our mundane routine life. We want the best for our kids. So why not apply the same principle for dental treatment/orthodontic treatment! Let us give them the wide spectrum to choose what they like the most!

Choose a healthy smile for them!!

What To Expect After Invisalign

What To Expect After Invisalign

So, is it finished after you are done with your invisalign treatment. Well, there is an important aspect to discuss when it comes to maintaining that perfect and healthy smile on long term basis and this is done by Invisalign Retainers. 

Once straightened, teeth usually have a tendency to move back to their original position and this is where the retainers play a significant role. They purposefully remind the teeth to remain straight after you are done with the active invisalign treatment.

There are two main types of retainers we offer:

  • Fixed Retainers: A fixed retainer is basically a thin, metal wire that’s adhered to the back of the teeth, on the tongue-side. These retainers stay permanent offering long term retention and even better, and no one can see you wearing them. There are different kinds of fixed retainers which are designed mainly on the basis of ease of cleaning and to provide maximum rigidity.
  • Removable Retainers: There are two types of removable retainers.
  • The first is the traditional wire retainer, also known as Hawley retainer. It consists of a thin metal wire that wraps around the front of teeth and a plastic piece that is seated against the roof of your mouth.
  • The second type of retainer is a clear plastic retainer referred to as 3 D or Essix retainer. It is very much similar to the Invisalign aligner and is made of a durable material.

FAQ – Aligners

FAQ – Aligners

1. What are clear aligners?
Clear aligners are virtually invisible removable trays which help in alignment of crooked teeth.

2. Who all can wear clear aligners?
Anyone who has – 

  • Gaps in teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Forwardly placed teeth
  • Malaligned teeth

can wear aligners. 

3. Are clear aligners safe for kids?
Yes. Kids from the age of 7 years can opt for clear aligners treatment rather than going for braces treatment.

4. Why to choose clear aligners over braces?
Clear aligners have the following advantages over conventional braces-

  • No fixed appliances, need of buttons and wires in your teeth.
  • No issues of poking wires, regular follow up visits.
  • Easy to wear and remove by the patients themselves.
  • Easy to maintain oral hygiene with clear aligners .
  • Virtually invisible and so highly esthetic.

5. There are so many clear aligners providers in the markets? Which one to choose and why Invisalign?
The difference comes in expertise and years of experience, when it comes to our health we always prefer to choose what’s best and what will bring us the most appropriate and desirable results. Invisalign has given  amazing results in millions of people and is a leading brand in the reign of clear aligners and the treatment planning is done by experienced orthodontists worldwide.

6. What is the time duration of the treatment with clear aligners/Invisalign?
It depends on the severity of the malaligned  teeth . It might vary from 6 months to 2 years. The Invisalign specialist will be the best person to guide you with this after your check up.

7. How much time does it take on the first visit or to procure aligners?
On the first visit the Invisalign specialist will do a thorough check up and quick digital scan and take some pictures of your teeth for record purposes. Once the scan gets submitted, the doctor will discuss the comprehensive treatment plan with you which includes duration, no of aligners, attachments if required.

8. How much does the Invisalign treatment cost?
It depends on case to case.
But usually the treatment cost varies from Rs 75,000 to Rs 2,75,000.

9. Does wearing Invisalign aligners hurt? Is the treatment painful?
Not at all. Clear aligners do not cause pain. The aligners are made through smart track material which allows constant and calculative movement of teeth in desirable position.

10. Where are the Aligners manufactured?
Invisalign, in specific, is an American system. The Aligners are manufactured in USA. It takes about 2weeks for the processing of these aligners.

Caring for Your Retainers

Caring for Your Retainers

There are certain things to keep in mind especially when it comes to caring for your retainers to ensure better hygiene and durability. Retainers are quite low maintenance appliances, so just few simple steps will help them do their job well.

  • For both Hawley and Essix retainers: Using a soft toothbrush, gently clean both sides of the retainer without using toothpaste. You can even use retainer cleaning solution or Efferdent for deep cleaning once in a while. A DIY mixture can be made using equal proportions of distilled water and white vinegar. Let your retainer sit in the solution for about 10-20 minutes.
  • If you have a fixed retainer after Invisalign, brushing twice a day around the wire and flossing once a day is mandatory. This will help prevent gum disease and tooth decay by preventing plaque accumulation and also deposition of food material.
  • Please take your retainers out when you want to eat or drink anything other than plain water.
  • Take your retainers out when swimming and always wear a mouthguard when playing sports.
  • Always store your retainer in the case when you are not wearing it.
  • Keep your retainers away from extreme heat.
  • Keep your retainers away from pets.
  • Eat a healthy, nutritious diet to promote oral health and keep cavities at bay.
  • Visit dentist regularly for dental check ups and cleanings.

FAQs on Retainers

FAQs on Retainers

1. What are retainers?
Retainers as the name suggests are meant to RETAIN the newly aligned teeth in their respective positions.

2. Is it compulsory to get retainers made? What If I don’t want them?
Yes, retainers are as important as your braces treatment if you want your teeth to remain in alignment.
Otherwise there is always a tendency for tooth to go back to their previous positions and become crooked again.

3. What type of retainers are available?
Retainers can be fixed or removable depending on the preference and need. 
Your braces doctor will best guide you If you need both or either of them.

4. Will the fixed retainer show? Will it hinder with brushing? When can I get It removed?
Fixed retainers are made with very thin wires and are fixed on inner surface of the teeth so no one can see them . You don’t feel them too and get adapted to them in one to two days. 
Furthermore, it’s very easy to brush and maintain oral hygiene with fixed retainers and there is no need to get them removed atleast for couple of years.

5. Can I wear removable retainers at night? How to clean them?
Yes. Removable retainers can be worn at night too but that decision lies with your braces doctor. You clean them the similar way you brush your teeth and rinse the retainers in running water after removing and before wearing them.

6. What to do if I break/misplace my removable retainers or dislodge my fixed retainers? 
Firstly don’t panic. Take an appointment with your braces doctor and get them fixed or get a new one made. 

7. For how long do I need to wear my retainers?
Retainer wear protocol is different for different cases. Generally you have to keep the retainers for about 2years to stabilize the teeth in new positions.

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