Invisalign in Delhi, Vasant Vihar

Invisalign Cost in Delhi Ranges From Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 2,75,000

Invisalign Treatment: Boost Your Confidence with a Healthy and Aligned Smile

Do you know what most people notice about you upon your first introduction? Most people agree that the first thing they notice is a person's smile, which enhances their appearance and boosts their confidence, especially in today's social media-driven culture.

Therefore, Invisalign- Clear Aligners is a custom-made option for you if you have irregular, crooked teeth or an unattractive smile and would like to have it aligned but do not want to wear braces with their hideous wires and buttons.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a virtual technology that aligns and straightens your teeth using nearly invisible/minimally visible clear aligners.

The clear aligners are a series of custom-made, detachable trays that can be removed easily when eating or for other purposes. Therefore, there is no need for wires and braces that are visible and inconvenient, especially for adults and middle-aged workers.

Invisalign Treatment in Delhi

Who Can Receive Invisalign Treatment?
After the age of seven, individuals with the following dental issues are eligible for Invisalign:
  • Missing teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Excessive tooth overlap (deep bite)
  • Teeth positioned in the front or back
  • Misshapen teeth.
One can get a straightened smile with the best Invisalign in Vasant Vihar, Delhi by Dr. Ravneet Kaur at her dental clinic.

Why Choose Invisalign? How is it Superior to Braces?

Clear aligners from Invisalign are removable, so they can be removed while eating and as needed. The teeth are easier to brush and floss, allowing for the maintenance of good oral hygiene.

You can confidently attend events, parties, and functions without anyone knowing you are getting an orthodontic treatment. No frequent visits to the dentist due to wires poking the mouth or ulcers. Visit once every six to eight weeks to facilitate your hectic lifestyle.

Types of Invisalign

1. Adults Invisalign: Invisalign in Vasant Vihar, Delhi

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening method that uses a series of removable, clear aligners to gradually shift teeth into their ideal positions. Adults who want to improve their smiles without the appearance of traditional metal braces often choose Invisalign. 

Invisalign treatment begins with a consultation with an Invisalign-trained orthodontist or dentist. During the consultation, the best orthodontist provider of Invisalign in Delhi, Dr. Ravneet Kaur, will evaluate the patient's teeth and discuss treatment options. 

If you are an ideal candidate for Invisalign, the dentist will use a special scanner to take digital impressions of your teeth. These impressions will be used to create a personalized treatment plan, which will depict the predicted movements of your teeth during treatment.

After the custom aligners have been fabricated, one will wear each set for about two weeks, gradually shifting your teeth into place. To achieve the best results, one must wear aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day and switch to a new set of aligners every two weeks.

The duration of Invisalign treatment depends on the complexity of the case and the amount of tooth movement required to achieve the desired results. The average duration of treatment is between 12 and 18 months.

Invisalign is a popular option for adults because the aligners are virtually invisible and virtually clear, making them a discreet way to straighten teeth. In addition, because the aligners are removable, you can consume whatever you want during treatment and easily maintain good oral hygiene.

2. Teen Invisalign: Best Invisalign in Delhi

Looking for a solution for your child's crooked teeth but are concerned that he or she may not feel confident or cooperate while wearing braces and wires? Let us provide you with an innovative, straightforward treatment alternative: Invisalign for children and adolescents.

Many parents are already aware of Invisalign in Delhi for adults, as appearance and aesthetics play a significant role in one’s personality. As conventional braces may not be appealing to many adults, the same is true for children as well. Every adolescent desires to appear attractive and willingly constructs his or her identity.

As the adage goes, change is the only constant; technology and dentistry are following this adage by introducing more user-friendly and convenient treatment options for both adults and children.

Why Should Teens Choose Invisalign Over Braces?

If you have ever had orthodontic treatment, close your eyes for a moment and recall the journey! Was it agonizing? Did the cables annoy you? Did it poke you on the cheeks, come out unexpectedly, or break the buttons? Could you truly enjoy your favorite foods while wearing braces?

We know the response!

Invisalign resolves the aforementioned issues. It is preferable to braces because -

  • Is less painful
  • Treatment duration is shorter than with conventional braces.
  • They are REMOVABLE, so your child can freely consume all of his or her favorite foods. No need to sacrifice popcorn or other hard foods. Simply enjoy your food, brush your teeth afterward, and wear your aligners.
  • Maintaining oral hygiene is easier.
  • They are barely noticeable. There is no need for wires, elastic bands, or braces to straighten your teeth.
  • Assists in boosting the child's self-esteem by achieving a pleasing smile with minimal disruption to their daily routine.

3. Invisalign First - Clear Aligners For Kids: Best Invisalign in Delhi

Can Invisalign/Clear Aligners Treat Children's Teeth?

Invisalign First, a recent advancement in the world of clear aligners, provides the solution. Yes, it can be used to straighten children's teeth beginning at the age of seven.

Today, when we consider getting braces, the first thing that comes to mind is the clear plate thing that everyone refers to as aligners. The primary advantages of aligners over braces are their aesthetic appeal, comfort, usability, and detachability.

If compared, the majority of adults would always choose virtually invisible aligners over braces and wires. However, one question many parents have about the Invisalign /clear aligner technology is whether or not children can receive. The answer to this is Yes.

Who Can Receive Invisalign First?

Your child can get Invisalign in Vasant Vihar by Dr. Ravneet Kaur, if your child has any of the following issues:

  • Uneven or crooked teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Anteriorly positioned teeth
  • Reversedly positioned teeth
  • Abnormal bite.

Why Should Young Children Receive Orthodontic Treatment?

The child will benefit greatly from beginning orthodontic/aligner treatment as early as seven years of age.

The primary reason is the benefits of developing jaws and arches (upper and lower). Moreover, a few additional reasons are:

Due to the ever-increasing influence of social media and peer pressure, children today are extremely particular about their appearance. Since Invisalign First is nearly invisible, it has become a popular option among teenagers.

Removable appliance - These are custom-made removable plates that children can easily wear and remove with ease. Thus, the child can continue to enjoy their preferred means while having their teeth aligned. No restrictions exist on eating hard or sticky foods while wearing orthodontic appliances.

In children aged 7 to 12 years, the arches expand, and as we all know, new teeth also erupt at this time. As the alignment of newly erupted teeth is performed under the constant supervision of an expert, it is an ideal time to undergo orthodontic treatment.

Oral hygiene is easier to maintain with clear aligners than with braces. Clear aligners for Invisalign in Vasant Vihar, Delhi reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease.

What to Expect at Your Initial Invisalign Appointment?

Invisalign treatment is straightforward and uncomplicated. The days of tacky and sticky impression materials that could cause nausea and bad taste are long gone. As the world evolves and develops, so does the field of dentistry.

On the initial visit, our experienced orthodontist (Invisalign specialist), Dr. Ravneet Kaur, providing best Invisalign in Vasant Vihar, Delhi, will perform a clinical examination of your teeth and facial profile to determine what dental and esthetic issues must be addressed.

Before beginning treatment, software and applications are used to capture images of your teeth and face, which are then shared with our doctor.

In addition, your teeth will be scanned using the Invisalign ITero scanner. In addition, the Invisalign team's proprietary software aids in the creation of a 3-D treatment plan, allowing you and your doctor to virtually observe the changes and appreciate the difference.
Once the records are completed, the Invisalign aligners are produced and shipped to you within 14 to 21 days.

Invisalign is accessible to everyone and anyone. So what are you waiting for? Start your clear aligner journey today!

For more information on Invisalign cost in Delhi, visit the Dr. Ravneet Kaur.

Expectations Following Invisalign

So, is it complete once your Invisalign treatment is complete? Invisalign Retainers play a crucial role in maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile long-term.

Once teeth have been straightened, they tend to shift back to their original position, which is where retainers play a crucial role. They purposely remind you to keep your teeth straight after completing your Invisalign treatment.

Why are Retainers Important?

Retainers are meant to RETAIN the newly aligned teeth in their targeted positions. They play an important role as the Invasilig play and they help teeth to remain in alignment. As the tendency of the tooth is to go back to their previous positions and become crooked again.

We offer two primary types of retainers:
  • Fixed Retainers: A fixed retainer is essentially a thin metal wire that is bonded to the tongue-side back of the teeth. These retainers are permanent, providing long-term retention; even better, they are undetectable. Various types of fixed retainers are primarily designed to facilitate cleaning and provide maximum rigidity. There are two distinct categories of removable retainers. The traditional wire retainer, also known as the Hawley retainer, is the first type. It consists of a thin metal wire that wraps around the front teeth and a piece of plastic that rests against the roof of your mouth.
  • Essix retainer: The second type of retainer is a retainer made of clear plastic, known as a 3D or Essix retainer. It closely resembles the Invisalign aligner and is made from a sturdy material. 

Depending on one’s need and preference, retainers can be fixed or removable. If you need either or both of them, the dentist who prescribed braces can best advise you.

Fixed retainers, which are attached to the inner surface of the teeth so that no one can see them, are made with incredibly thin wires. In one to two days, you become used to them without feeling them. Furthermore, fixed retainers are very simple to brush and keep clean, so there is no need to have them taken out for at least a few years. The protocol for wearing retainers varies depending on the situation. In order to stabilize the teeth in their new positions, you typically need to wear retainers for around two years.

Frequently Asked Questions on Aligners

1. What are invisible aligners?

Clear aligners are nearly invisible, removable trays that straighten crooked teeth.

2. Who may utilize clear aligners? 

Those who have:

  • Missing teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Anteriorly positioned teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Can utilize aligners.

3. Are clear aligners safe for kids? 

Yes. Children as young as seven years old can choose clear aligners treatment over braces treatment.

4. Why should clear aligners be chosen over braces?

The following are the advantages of clear aligners over traditional braces:

  • No fixed appliances, no buttons, or wires are required in the teeth.
  • No problems with protruding wires and regular follow-up visits.
  • Easy for patients to wear and remove themselves.
  • Clear aligners make oral hygiene simple to maintain.
  • Virtually invisible and so aesthetically pleasing.

5. There are so many providers of clear aligners on the market. Which option should you choose, and why Invisalign?

Expertise and years of experience make the difference; when it comes to our health, we always prefer to choose what is optimal and will produce the most desirable outcomes. Invisalign is a leading brand in the reign of clear aligners, and treatment planning is performed by orthodontists around the world who have extensive experience.

6. How long does the treatment with clear aligners/Invisalign last?

It depends on how severely the teeth are misaligned. It could range from six months to two years. After your examination, the Invisalign specialist will be the best person to advise you on this.

7. How long does the initial consultation or procuring aligners take?

On the first visit, the Invisalign specialist will conduct a thorough examination, perform a quick digital scan, and take photographs of your teeth for documentation purposes. Once the scan has been submitted, the doctor will discuss with you the comprehensive treatment plan, which will include duration, number of aligners, and any necessary attachments.

8. What is the Invisalign cost in Vasant Vihar, Delhi?

It varies from case to case.

However, the average invisalign treatment cost in Vasant Vihar, Delhi, ranges from Rs 75,000 to Rs 2,75,000.

9. Does it hurt to wear Invisalign aligners? Is the procedure painful?

No, not at all. Clear aligners are not painful. The aligners are fabricated from smart track material, which allows for the constant, calculative movement of teeth into the desired position.

10. Where are Aligners constructed? 

Specifically, Invisalign is an American system made in the United States, and it takes approximately two weeks to process these aligners.

11. What can teens expect during their Invisalign treatment?

On the first visit, our experienced Invisalign specialist examines your child's teeth, evaluates the alignment and facial profile, and discusses the child's treatment goals.

  • Then, images of the teeth and smile are captured and fed to the clincheck Invisalign application.
  • In addition, we perform a quick scan of the teeth using an iTero scanner. The greatest benefit of this technology is that it does not require uncomfortable impression materials that are sticky and tacky. The Invisalign scanner is analogous to a mouth camera recording the current tooth alignment and bite.
  • Once the records have been compiled, the software generates the treatment plan and lets you observe the before-and-after changes virtually.
  • After you and your dentist approve the treatment plan, your custom-made Invisalign trays are manufactured and delivered within 15 days.

Without the inconveniences of wires and braces, Invisalign treatment is now a convenient, custom-made alternative for adolescents.

Then why are you still waiting? Today, give yourself or your loved ones a beautiful and healthy smile by visiting us and avail the best benefits and also learn about invisalign cost in Vasant Vihar, Delhi. 

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