Importance of Milk Teeth Jan 12 2023

Importance of Milk Teeth

Why save milk teeth- they shed off don’t they?
But does that mean they are not worth saving ? Definitely not.
The first tooth that erupts in a child’s oral cavity is at the age of 6 months. Till 3 years of age all the primary/ milk teeth are already present in oral cavity. 
Nothing is further from this truth, that - yes, milk teeth shed off and permanent teeth take up the place but that doesn’t make the former unimportant.

Why save the milk teeth?
Milk teeth have certain crucial functions to play-

1. Help in growth and development of child.
The child needs TEETH TO EAT. In the growing age, getting all the nutrients in  adequate amount is extremely important for the child. Painful teeth/ loss of teeth is one of the primary reasons for child not eating properly or malnourishment.

2. PHONATION (Speaking certain words properly)
Certain sounds require tongue to contact upper front teeth. As the child learns to speak while the milk teeth erupt in oral cavity, for them to learn to articulate certain words ,milk teeth play a very important part.
Decay and loss of upper front tooth can cause lisping in children.

3. Guiding Light For The Permanent Tooth!!
Did you know that your child’s milk teeth are actually providing a guidance path for permanent teeth to erupt in their desirable position. 
That’s why they are also called natural space maintainers.
Major reason why you need to keep them healthy till it’s time for them to leave naturally rather than due to decay.

4. Building The Child’s Confidence
Decayed or brownish teeth can lead to children getting humiliated by friends and hence have low self confidence or shying away to smile. 
Don’t let your child be the victim of self deprivation.
He/she should love and flaunt their healthy smile .
So next time when the kids dentist says the child has cavities, feel motivated and not worried to get them filled/treated. You are helping your child to give them the best and most contagious gift the mother nature has bestowed us with – A HEALTHY AND HEALING SMILE!

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