Jan 16 2023

Aligners for Kids and Teens

Gone are the days when kids and teens around us were seen moving with buttons and wire sticked to their teeth.

Nowadays, digitalisation is the new “in” and esthetics is been given prime importance specially in this social media dominated world where everyone wants a Hollywood celebrity smile.

So keeping upfront with the needs, the field of orthodontics has also evolved and come up with revolutionary ideology of clear aligners for kids and teens.

Invis Is /Invisalign for kids and teens are clear aligners which works on alignment of crooked/malaligned teeth.

What are clear aligners? 

Clear aligners are virtually invisible and custom made trays which are removable i.e. can be worn and removed easily by patient and they help in alignment of the teeth.

What are they made of?

Invis IS is formed from a smart track material which primarily focuses on doing desirable bodily movement of the teeth to bring them in correct alignment.

Why choose clear aligners for kids over braces?

Nowadays, just like adults, the kids are very particular and conscious about how they look too. Apart from esthetics, clear aligners offer a plethora of advantages like-

1. Easy and comfortable to wear and remove for kids and teens. No more issues of wire poking the tissues and breaking off the brackets.

2. The freedom to eat whatever they want. While having food they just need to remove their aligners and can have whatever they want.

3. Oral hygiene maintenance is easier with clear aligners when compared to braces as food accumulation is more in wires and brackets and they are comparatively difficult to clean.

4. Less chances of gum diseases and cavities as the oral hygiene can be easily maintained.

5. Less no of follow up visits. 

No need to visit the dentist every 21 days unlike in braces treatment.

Who all can opt for Invisalign treatment?

Children above 7 years of age who have-

1. Gaps in teeth

2. Overlapping teeth

3. Crooked teeth

4. Front teeth jetting out

5. Front teeth going back 

6. Crossbite or abnormal bite

7. Open bite

All can get an Invisalign consult done and after discussing with the Invisalign specialist can get started with the treatment.

What is the duration of the treatment with clear aligners?

The duration depends on the severity of crooked  teeth.

It can vary from 6 months to 2 years in certain cases.

The treatment plan is formulated after getting a digital scan done.

So the next time you notice a kid around who has crooked teeth, you know how to help them. 

Have a happy and healthy smile!

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